Our Sustainability

At the moment the fashion industry is one of the worst to generate cheap products at a rapid rate in response to the latest styles and trends. Thanks to mass production, we are able consume at a faster rate than ever before. We can afford to simply throw away products we no longer want and replace them instantly with minimal impact on our wallets.

As we at Annele embrace nature, we also want to protect it and that’s why we are trying to find all the best options to produce jewelry. For us, sustainability means handmade production. As a small, independent company, we do everything starting from the material sourcing to the shipping of the product, so we are able to control all the decisions on the way. For us the most sustainable option is the best option and we are working to improve our practices better and better all the time.

Also, we have faith in our customers to take care of their jewelry, wear them year-round and make their lifecycle longer. To support our slow fashion mission, don’t throw away any faulty item, rather send it back to us so we can fix it and in the case of not needing it anymore, give it someone else to love.